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602, 2021

Impact of Coronavirus at Khao Sok

February 6, 2021|Categories: General|0 Comments

As the world gets back to business in the wake of Covid-19 things are the same but different in Khao Sok. Some coronavirus Khao Sok restrictions are in place but are a small price to pay for the amazing experience that Khao Sok has to offer. Read on to know about the impact of coronavirus at Khao Sok. Coronavirus at Khao Sok – A safe place to visit Thailand did a really great job of containing the corona virus epidemic. The Kingdom shut its borders and put travel restrictions in place very quickly. Whilst >>

302, 2021

Khao Sok weather – Best time to visit

February 3, 2021|Categories: General|0 Comments

Khao Sok weather - All times of year have advantages. Khao Sok weather is largely reliant on the southwest monsoon that brings moist air from the Indian Ocean. This weather system moves in a north-easterly direction across Thailand. During the rainy season we will experience downpours on a near daily basis. However they are usually for a short duration occurring in early to late afternoon. There are some huge advantages to all this lovely water. It nourished the forests and valleys and fills the rivers and lakes. This is great for all the water activities such as canoeing and >>

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