Khao Sok weather – All times of year have advantages.

Khao Sok weather is largely reliant on the southwest monsoon that brings moist air from the Indian Ocean. This weather system moves in a north-easterly direction across Thailand. During the rainy season we will experience downpours on a near daily basis. However they are usually for a short duration occurring in early to late afternoon.

There are some huge advantages to all this lovely water. It nourished the forests and valleys and fills the rivers and lakes. This is great for all the water activities such as canoeing and river tubing. The divers forest trees, flowers and other shrubs and plants flourish in the rainy season. This leaves the whole area carpeted in a multi hewed green blanket. Very restful, relaxing and an awesome experience. The rain cleans the air, the roads, the paths and the rivers and streams.

Naturally, at the height of the rainy season the Khao Sok weather is not suitable for camping but many activities are still fine. The main thing is to be aware and plan accordingly.

The seasons

From mid-November through mid-May is usually the dry season, and rainfall is less common.

March and April are considered the best months for seeing animals at the lake, and while hiking by the river.

From June through October, rain is more common, mostly in the form of afternoon showers. The rain also brings more water in the rivers to enjoy tubing and canoeing.

with Khao Sok weather it is common for a day to include both sunshine and rain.

Here is a list of items we recommend for your trip taking into consideration the Khao Sok weather:

  • Long sleeve shirts and pants to protect from intense sun.

  • ¬†Lightweight poncho or waterproof jacket.

  • Tennis or running shoes that dry quickly

  • Waterproof flashlight