Most people are drawn to Khao Sok because of the amazing adventures on the Khao Sok (Chew Larn) Lake. However, there are so many things to do in Khao Sok village. Visitors are often surprised at just how much there is to do in and around the village. New activities are being added all the time, so check back here for updates.

Fun on the Sok River


In the center of the village is a bridge. This is a regular spot to start a canoe trip down the Sok River. You can float through the forest and resort grounds and into the countryside beyond. Your guide will gently paddle you through farms and plantations. Watch out for all the wildlife along the journey. You may well see monkeys, snakes, exotic birds and other animals lounging in the tree tops as you glide along.


When the river has plenty of water in it you can also take a tube ride down the river from the bridge. Great fun for all ages.


There are plenty of great places to have a refreshing dip right here in the river. The clear water rolls down from the surrounding hills.

Note: During the dry spells there is not so much water in the river. Check the best times to visit Khao Sok.

Bicycle / Scooter

You can hire a motorbike or scooter as well. This is a great way to venture a bit further afield. There are so many great drives along the country roads. Find temples and hot springs. Find the best scenic viewpoints and the sights and sounds of rural Thailand.

Don’t want a motor? how about a bicycle? It is fun to gently cycle through the farms and forests surrounding the village.

If you have a phone with a Thai SIM card you will find that Google maps work fine unless you venture too far away. It is so easy and great fun to just ride around the area.

Things to do in Khao Sok village – Hiking & Night Safari

You don’t have to venture into the park to enjoy hiking and nature in the forests and jungle though. Take a night safari close to the village. The village is surrounded by nature. In fact you will find much of it right here in the village. However much of the extraordinary quantity and variety of wildlife is best experienced at night. Walking with an experienced guide armed with flashlights is one of the best things to do in Khao Sok village. You will certainly be surprised at the sights and sounds you will discover just a short walk into the forest.

You can also hike along trails outside the park. No need for a guide either. Unlike in the park you can wander along on your own. Have have been stuck inside somewhere due to Covid?  These hikes are a great chance to recharge, regenerate and get back to nature and the great outdoors.

Other things to do in Khao Sok village

Apart from the canoe and tubing adventures there are a variety of other things to do in Khao Sok village.

Elephant Experiences

How about joining with some retired elephants for an evening bath? You can do that at the local elephant sanctuary. No shows and elephant riding here. Much more rewarding is to help prepare their meals and then feed those gentle giants. Afterwards you are rewarded by an experience you will never forget – swimming with elephants.


Many visitors just enjoy wandering through Khao Sok village grabbing delicious snacks and browsing the shops along the way. These days you can buy many of the necessities that you need on the road. Make sure you grab the things you will need when you venture into the park. There are no shops in there!

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