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Find out more about Khao Sok activities. This section will help you to decide what to do in Khao Sok. And you might be surprised by just how much there is going on here! In the park there are lake tours, hiking, nature tours, and a load of water activities. Around the village and surroundings you can experience elephants, have amazing bike rides, visit hot springs and much, much more.

Read these articles to get all the information you need before traveling to Khao Sok.

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1402, 2021

Khao Sok Trekking and Hiking FAQs

February 14, 2021|Categories: Activities|0 Comments

The Khao Sok jungle is renowned for its biodiversity and stunning views.  Guests that venture out into the forest on jungle treks are likely to find fascinating, exotic plants and animals with every step.  There is so much to see, and with so many possibilities, it is a good idea to come prepared!  With this in mind, we have prepared some in-depth information about Khao Sok trekking. This page provides you with all the information you need to plan your Khao Sok hiking adventure! Sometimes people ask about the Khlong Phanom national park which can be found to the >>

302, 2021

Special Khao Sok tours

February 3, 2021|Categories: Activities|0 Comments

Discover less known, special Khao Sok tours These special Khao Sok tours are a chance to step away from tourism and into local life. Go into seldom-seen parts of the jungle with a unique  jungle tour instead of the normal half-day hike. Why not learn about the people that live here? Make local friends in Khao Sok village and get a better understanding of the places that you visit. Take a special canoe trip, float down the river and then hike in the jungle to a huge cave with incredible rock formations. How about a >>

302, 2021

How to make the most of your time at Khao Sok

February 3, 2021|Categories: Activities|Tags: |0 Comments

There are so many Khao Sok activities to choose from. You might have a limited time available here. Should you take a Khao Sok lake 2 day group safari or a simple Khao Sok lake tour? Did you realize just how much there was to do outside of the park? Are you traveling with young children? Do you have any ‘must do’ activities such as taking a Khao Sok elephant tour? The big question - How to make the most of your time at Khao Sok? Probably the best way to think about it is having some time relaxing >>

202, 2021

Trekking in Klong Phanom National Park

February 2, 2021|Categories: Activities|0 Comments

Dwarfed and outshone by its infinitely more-famous neighbor, Klong Phanom national park remains virtually unknown to all guests to Khao Sok. This, despite the fact that it is only about 15 minutes down the same highway as Khao Sok national park! If you want top hike less trodden paths, maybe it's time you explored Trekking in Klong Phanom national park. Part of the reason for Khlong Phanom’s obscurity is the topography. The park is almost completely covered in soaring karst mountains or limestone cliffs. Any hike here therefore involves steep climbs. However, for the experienced, fit adventure-seeker, Khlong Phanom >>

202, 2021

Khao Sok Lake Hikes

February 2, 2021|Categories: Activities|Tags: , |0 Comments

Trekking at Khao Sok Lake While most people visit the lake to enjoy the incredible views, there are quite a few great Khao Sok Lake Hikes available. 1. Nam Talu Cave hike This exhilarating hike is one of the best adventures that the Khao Sok national park has to offer! The trailhead is located in the western part of the Cheow Lan lake, near the Tone Toey raft house, and begins in a section of dense jungle. After about 45 minutes hikers arrive at the mouth of the cave. Here, everyone ventures underground: >>

202, 2021

Khao Sok trekking tours

February 2, 2021|Categories: Activities|2 Comments

Khao Sok National Park trekking adventures For guests wishing to venture into Khao Sok jungle, there is no shortage of Khao Sok trekking tours to choose from. Whether a half-day or full-day hike, overnight camping trips, or a fantastic Khao Sok night safari, there is something for everyone.  The following article will provide information on the various Khao Sok trekking opportunities available. 1. Half-day Khao Sok hike Due to budget and time constraints, this is the most common of the available Khao Sok trekking tours in Khao Sok national park. These hikes use >>

1909, 2019

Thai elephant – Best Khao Sok elephant sanctuary

September 19, 2019|Categories: Activities|0 Comments

The domestic Thai elephant typically has 2 choices – carry tourists on its back, or pull logs out of the forest. As they age, both of these jobs become difficult and dangerous to their health. This is true of the Khao Sok elephant as well. For many guests, visiting a Khao Sok elephant sanctuary is of great interest. This area has many options for a Kao Sok elephant experience, but how do the elephants fare?  Unfortunately, not all camps are equal. Thai elephant experts encourage camps that use only local Khao Sok elephants, experienced mahouts, and a low-intensity schedule >>

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