Feeling hungry? Wondering where to eat in Khao Sok village? There are so many places where you can enjoy a cool beer, or even a yummy cocktail,  as well a tasty meal. Many of them overlooking the river. Enjoy great company, great food and a refreshing beverage while you watch the world go by. This is our guide.

Something for everyone

Khao Sok maybe in a a fairly remote natural wonderland, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great dining. You will find an Italian Bistro and an Indian curry house. is it pizza time? No problem there is a great little pizza place just across the bridge. Many restaurants serve western dishes.

And of course you will want to excite the taste buds with the many Thai options available. From roadside carts to funky Thai restaurants and cafes there is something for every taste and every budget.

Most places have free internet so that you can catch up with friends and family on the web.

As you wander through the village you will discover other resorts, hostels and guesthouses that have restaurants as well. Try Coco Hostel and Bakery for great value and variety as well as a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. There is nothing like hanging out and exchanging tips and tales with other travelers.

Where to eat in Khao Sok – Cooking classes

While you are here – here’s a thought – how about learning to cook Thai food and get a great meal as well. There are a few cooking classes to chose from. Of course you also get to taste the lovely dishes that you learn to cook.  How about learning to cook the old way? The Jungle Cooking class is great fun. You will learn to cook using traditional methods – Open fires, cooking in bamboo and meals served on banana leaves. How cool is that?